Beaver Tail Glazed Navy

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  • Genuine beaver tail
  • Origin North America
  • Tanned, colored and finished in USA
  • Beavers are sustainably sourced and humanely harvested, caught by licensed trappers during a single  law-enforced season in areas where they cause great ecological disturbances. Beavers are considered a nuisance species and cause many negative environmental and economic externalities, related to the damage they cause to downstream farmers (upstream beaver dam problems), germs and bacteria they put into fresh water and the damage they cause to tree farms. Reducing the beaver population improves water flow and quality, improves crop yields, reduces the tax burden on residents in poor rural communities, and generates economic value for people in those same areas. 
  • Beaver tails are rich in historical value and are a filled with the Americana culture. Beavers were one of the first hides that sparked the fur trade between the Native Americans and European sailors in the 1500's.  Today, Beaver tails are not a byproduct of the fur business. Fur prices are so low, that trappers are not going after them. As a result, the supply of beaver tails is extremely limited. 
  • The texture and durability of beaver tail leather is incredibly unique. It is naturally scratch-resistant and water-resistant. 
  • Thickness approximately 2,0 mm
  • Grading:
    • Grade 1: No defects in the center. Ideal for watch bands, wallets, holsters and footwear.
    • Grade 2: Some defects in the center. Ideal for watch bands, small straps, card cases and other small leather goods.