Stingray Skin Polished Brown 11"

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Stingray Skin

  • Scientific name is dasyatis bleekeri
  • Stingray skin is a non-CITES product
  • Stingray skin is native to Southeast Asia
  • Stingray skin is wild-caught by fishermen for the meat. The skin is a byproduct.
  • The approximate size and thickness of this stingray skin is:
    • 30 cm at the widest point
    • 45 cm long
    • Yields center square cut of 23 cm x 23 cm
    • 1,5 mm thickness
  • The standard finish on a stingray skin has the following qualities:
    • Rich color
    • Sturdy, beady texture
    • Pronounced, bright white diamond shape in the center
  • This size stingray skin is most commonly used for footwear, wallets and other small leather goods