Python Skin

Python skin is commonly used for handbags, footwear, garments, upholstery, belts, wallets and other small leather goods. The python skin species processed by PanAm Leathers are native to Southeast Asia. These species include the reticulated python or diamond python (python reticulatus) and the Borneo short-tailed python (python breitensteini). Pythons are mostly wild caught, while some small amount of ranching does exist. In both cases, the skins are a byproduct of the meat. Approximately 2 billion people worldwide eat reptile meat as a source of protein, mainly across East and Southeast Asia, Africa and the Southeast USA. Other parts of the animal other than the meat are also used in specialty dishes and pet treats. The demand for python skin exploded in Europe in the 1930’s and since a formalized international trade has since been developed. Python skin is known for its lush and supple feel, making it as easy to cut and sew, as it is to wear. The python skin scaling pattern is an unmistakable and all-time classic in high-luxury fashion and interiors.