Nile Crocodile Skin Belly Millenium Denim 45/49 cm

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Nile Crocodile Skin 

  • Scientific name is crocodylus niloticus
  • Common name is Nile crocodile
  • CITES status: Appendix II
  • Nile crocodile skin is native to Africa
  • Nile crocodile skin is both farmed for the meat. The skin is a byproduct.
  • The approximate average size and thickness of these Nile crocodile skins are:
    • 175 cm full length
    • 1,2 mm thickness
    • Head: 38 cm long x 38 cm wide at the center (widest point)
    • Belly: 31 cm long  x 47 cm wide at the center (widest point) 
    • Tail: 72 cm long x 29 cm wide at the top of the tail (widest point) 
  • Grading as follows:
    • Grade 3: Some blemishes in the belly, ideal for footwear, garments, upholstery and other medium-sized leather goods
    • Grade 5: Many significant blemishes in the belly, ideal for footwear, belts, and other small leather goods