Arapaima Skin Matte Orange

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Arapaima Skin

  • Scientific name is arapaima gigas
  • Arapaima is a giant fish native to the Amazon
  • Arapaima skin is both farm-raised and wild-caught for the meat. The skin is a byproduct.
  • Arapaima skin has large, wild scale pattern
  • CITES status is appendix II
  • The approximate size of the 70 sqdm arapaima skins are:
    • 92 cm wide x 62 cm long in the rectangular body area
    • 16 cm wide x 31 cm long in each of the rear flanks 
  • The approximate thickness of the arapaima skins is 1.8/2.0 mm thickness
  • PAL's arapaima skin has a full body
  • Arapaima skin is most commonly used for garments, handbags and footwear